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On the way to ‘Mount Everest’

Finding your identity

Who are you? Where are you right now in your life? Do you know where are you heading? Do you understand the primary meaning of your beautiful existence? Do you want to take life in your own hands? Would you like to find the path to your summit, to the “highest peak” of your dreams, to experience a sense of peace, influence, connection, and fulfillment?

A sense of vision 

Imagine your vision is to reach Mt. Everest (8 848 m) – the highest peak on Earth. You lack the needed knowledge, and maybe you lack the physical and mental strength, too. You don’t know what you want in your life. You still have a dream and hope that one day the circumstances will change, and maybe miraculously, your life will change for the better. You get the idea, right? How likely is it that you’ll ‘reach Mount Everest’ without putting an effort in finding out how to get there? 

When things go smoothly

Now picture, that you have put an effort into your life, you have tried different paths and you have reached your dreams. Maybe you have finished your studies. You have improved your physical and mental strength. You have read many books. In a search of your answers, you ‘googled’ the entire internet. If you are a woman, maybe you have read all the self-help books. Maybe you have worked hard for many years. You got your dream job(s), then your dream promotion(s). Your career skyrocketed. Maybe you found a loving partner, or you were in love. You got a new house and had a family. You felt happy. At least you thought so.

An unexpected lesson

One day your external circumstances changed. Maybe you lost your job, you moved countries, your relationship fell apart, or you had an accident. Perhaps there has been even a broader problem in the world – like a COVID-19 pandemic. Now, if you were lucky to keep your job, you feel relief. Suddenly, you realize something else is missing. Maybe being focused on your most prominent dream at that time such as your career and finances–you did not find time for a relationship, children, or family? Or maybe you did not have a dream career because you were busy looking after your family, such as raising five kids? Perhaps, you were not present and mindful at a time. You thought you were not good enough to take care of everything going on in your life. You could not manage all of them at the same time. Maybe you lost your business, your partner, your love life?

Have you missed something else, something that was most valuable to you? Your life was on autopilot for days, maybe years, but now it has turned upside down. During several chaotic events that happened beyond your control, you lost your path–if you were lucky enough–to have one.

The power of disappointment

You have lost your meaning, sense and purpose of your life. Where do you think it is? Where is your path? Everything worked well so far. You start to feel the pain. In search of your primary meaning, your internal motivation, you activate your conscious mind and begin to look inside yourself. When you feel the pain, when you face disappointments, when life does not turn out the way you wish it to be, you start to wake up. During this special time, the growth and change inside yourself finally have a chance to happen. As a consequence, this will drive changes in your life. It is up to you whether you want to take no action and surrender or to summon the inner strength to battle and risk defeat. The second path will help you learn and grow.

The price of leaning back

Now imagine, you have been living your dream life for years; you don’t have to prove anything, fight or compete with anyone.  There have been no worries. Things just seem to fall into place. Or maybe you had your dreams, and one day you had given up on them? You believe the external world is scary, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. It feels safe the way it is, so why bother?

While you are drifting with the current along the river, years go by. You have convinced yourself–that your dreams were too ambitious. Maybe you were not the right person for the job you dreamed about. Perhaps you were not as bright as other people to become the next CEO. You believed you were not attractive enough, not good enough to be in a loving and fulfilling relationship. If it wasn’t you, maybe you allowed someone else to convince you, that you could never get your dream job, never become wealthy, never find a partner, never get married, and so on. You believed that if others thought so, it became a given. So you decided, there was nothing you could do. That was how your life would look like–predictable, average, and miserable. You have allowed the external circumstances to take control of you. You have let your life go by. Is it really the way you want your life to be? What would you change, if you had another opportunity?  What would allow you to have a more satisfying and powerful life? What would you give to have the life you have only dreamed about so far?

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