I had a chance to work with Grazyna on my career path, considering international development both in marketing and sales. I ended up as a sales manager managing the team of 8 people in a global, leading SDA company within 3 years. Grazyna is a very experienced and professional coach. Thank you, Grazyna, for your support.


Sales Manager Germany

In the past 12 months I moved countries, lost my beloved job, independence and my self-love. Things were not going well for me at all. I felt stuck, isolated and unhappy about every aspect of my life. I lost sense of belonging and could not find motivation to make a change. One day, a close friend of mine, connected me with Grazyna. This was a breakthrough moment! We started working together to help me get out of that dark, lonely place where my mind was. Grazyna has been absolutely pivotal in the process of building my self-esteem back. She helped me see ‘the future’ and has been guiding me how to get there. I can’t wait for the final outcome – the transformation of my life! I highly recommend Grazyna as a personal coach.


Client relationship executive, UK

I would highly recommend coaching with Grazyna! Before starting coaching with Grazyna, I had no life
balance and was stuck in a cycle of stress. At first, I was nervous about opening up, especially being so young and inexperienced. However, Grazyna’s open and friendly nature made me more confident as she is keen to be part of your success. I started getting coaching sessions while still at university. I wanted to get ahead of my competition and identify career prospects. Grazyna has helped me to achieve my goals and find inner peace, something I had been missing for a long time. Thus, if you are in your 20's and have a sense of unbalance in your life, I would highly recommend taking up coaching with Grazyna. The coaching helped me on so many different levels, which have influenced both my personal and professional life. With Grazyna’s help and enthusiasm, I am keen to develop myself further under her guidance 


Student-University of Kent, UK