Professional profile


My mission is to support people and organizations in changes they wish for and improve the quality of people’s lives in their personal and professional area. I strive to bring professional wisdom, peace, and a fresh perspective.


Grażyna Matys – I am an HR Manager, a Leader of Change and Progression, with many years of extensive international experience. I am a certified Coach & HR Mentor passionate about psychology and continually expanding my knowledge in the Psychology of Change (Faculty: Conflict–Crisis–Cooperation). During my long-term career, I worked for many European countries.  I have lived in Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, and Great Britain.

My inspiration comes from the diverse and complex environments I have experienced, including different work cultures and leadership styles. I am passionate about people, leadership, mindfulness, and psychology – the areas of my ongoing development. I use a variety of coaching methods and tools, which I apply during multiple coaching events.

Coaching & Psychology Education 

Type of Coaching:

  • Personal Coaching (1:1)
  • Executive Coaching and Team Coaching
  • Workshops such as „Awakening” with Points of You cards
  • Coach and Mentor at APLO – the Academy of Leadership for Education Executives (APLO).

Work with the client

  • I use my personal and professional wisdom, business, and industry knowledge from the field of Coaching and Psychology.
  • I act as a guide, who points you in the right direction, to “the peak of Mt. Everest” (the top of the world), which symbolizes the client’s issues, goals, dreams, and desires.
  • I guide my clients to find something more than a new direction. I help them through life challenges using the shortest path through the unknown territory of their conscious and unconscious mind.
  • Each coaching process leads to a deeper understanding, which gives room for awakening, transformation, and long-lasting change.
  • The ultimate result is my client’s success, their sense of peace, the ability to influence the world around them, connect with others, and be self-fulfilled.