“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” 

– Thomas Edison

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration – hard work” 


What kind of change are you looking for?

When was the last time you paused and reflected on what you want in your life? When was the last time you thought about your career, your relationships, or your business?

Imagine you could change your life and have it the way you always wanted. What would it be like? What if you could start working on it right NOW? What would be your first step?

Which part of your life are you looking to grow? At Brain Mastery Coaching you can benefit from Personal Coaching, dedicated to individual clients looking for a new direction in life or Executive Coachingaimed at helping entrepreneurs, business owners and senior managers in companies/corporate environments.

Brain Mastery Coaching (BMC) – What type of Coaching are you looking for?

  • Career Coaching (changing jobs, career change).
  • Coaching for Change (job loss, moving countries, divorce/other relationship issues).
  • Life Coaching (self-confidence, authenticity & identity, meaning of life, internal motivation, acceptance, stress, relationship issues).

Career Coaching

What are your issues?

Changing jobs *  Searching for a new job * Changing careers

What are your needs?

  • I would like to prepare for a job interview
  • I would like to progress further in my career
  • I would like to change my career path
  • I would like to find a solution to job-related issues

Coaching for Change

What are your issues?

Job loss  *  Moving countries *  Divorce/other relationship issues

What are your needs?

  • I am facing professional challenges and wish to find a new direction that leads me to a better future
  • I am facing personal challenges (divorce, intimacy of the relationship, living arrangements) and wish to find peace and a proper life balance

Life Coaching ​

What are your issues?

Self-Confidence  *  Authenticity & Identity  *  Meaning of Life  *  Internal Motivation  *  Acceptance  *  Stress  *  Relationship Issues

What are your needs?

  • I wish to gain internal strength and boost my self-confidence
  • I wish to find balance in my life
  • I am looking for meaning in my life and the ability to move on
  • I am looking for internal motivation to reach my goals
  • I want to encourage changes in my life through acceptance
  • I want to be my true self and an authentic individual
  • I want to master my emotions, mind and behaviour
  • I want strong and true connections with the people around me

What will you gain?

At Brain Mastery Coaching I apply knowledge from coaching as well as humanistic psychology. This approach allows me to look deeper into your specific dilemma and direct the coaching leading you to improved life, relationships and business performance.

Your benefits:

  • Mental and psychological growth
  • Deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you
  • Perspective change and courage to make life changes
  • Increased self-confidence and sense of direction
  • Clarity during decision making processes
  • Space for awakening, transformation and long-lasting change
  • Tangible and measurable difference in the quality of your life

Coaching process and method

  • Unlike psychology and psychotherapy, which deal with a person’s past, Coaching focuses on your future. It focuses on fresh opportunities, your potential and your growth in performance. Read more.
  • Coaching at Brain Mastery Coaching is structured as a sequence of steps that include the coaching contract, goal setting, coaching activities, actions and growth.
  • The Coaching approach refers to the 7 steps that make up the Brain Mastery Principles.

Coaching Process

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between the Coach and the Coachee (Client). The coach is responsible for facilitating the coaching process while the client is accountable for actions and results.

Coaching session consists of the following steps:

Coaching Contract

  • Establishing principles of cooperation
  • Understanding your needs
  • Ask yourself: What is the problem? What would I like to work on? What would I like to improve on?

Goal Setting

  • Your goal is SMART: Specific, Measurable,  Achievable, Realistic, and Time oriented. Focus on the Outcome!
  • Ask yourself: What is the specific outcome I am looking for? What is it that I really want to achieve here?

Coaching Activities

  • Developing your creativity, identifying obstacles, searching for a more in-depth thought process.
  • Ask yourself: What are my values? What are my key drivers? Who will I have to become to achieve my goal?

Actions and Growth

  • Acting, following up and taking ownership of your performance. Evaluation of your results.
  • Ask yourself: What have I done so far? How far have I progressed? What will I be doing differently?

Brain Mastery Principles

At Brain Mastery Coaching I base the coaching process with you on the 7 steps of Brain Mastery Coaching that allows for meaningful transformation in the quality of your life.

7 steps of Brain Mastery Coaching

  1. Understanding external factors
  2. Self understanding
  3. Personal reflection
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Open mind & open heart
  6. Coherence & integrity
  7. New Identity & new life

For more information on each step click here.

Once we find our inner strength and our motivational drivers, we begin to understand how to get to a certain destination. More importantly, we realize how to stay on the course throughout life’s journey.

Life is too short to miss opportunities and to let your dreams escape from your grasp just because you live in the shadow of your own fears. See the offer.