Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching supports businesses and companies. I dedicate this coaching to help entrepreneurs, business owners and senior managers at the companies/corporate environments to maximize their performance.

ISSUES: What are your needs?

  • What are your company issues?
  • What kind of improvement(s) would you like to see?
  • What behaviours would you like to encourage?
  • What kind of culture would you like to create?

SOLUTIONS: Areas of Business Coaching

  • Building confidence and team integrity
  • Developing specific skills and strategies
  • Problem solving and encouraging creativity
  • Dealing with overwhelming stress
  • Self-awareness and productivity
  • Inner harmony and work-life balance
  • Team/Group Coaching

BENEFITS: Why is it worth using Executive Coaching?

  • You build individual self-awareness and confidence of your staff
  • You support changes in leadership behaviour
  • You provide tools for dealing with difficult emotions
  • You identify and design areas for development
  • You support consciously based decision-making processes
  • You strengthen employee communication at various levels
  • You encourage the culture of collaboration and commitment
  • You help your employees identify with the company’s goals and values
  • You influence the company’s culture and its business results (ROI)

The cooperation agreement between the Coach and the company is based on specific business requirements and determined by both parties. If you want to discuss the offer tailored to your company’s specific needs, please contact me via this page.