Brain Mastery Coaching - Terms and Conditions

1. Coaching Contract: Upon the purchase of the Coaching Plan (i.e. Coaching Package or a single coaching session), the Coach will contact you to schedule the time for the upcoming session and agree on the logistics related to the communication channel.

2. Coaching focuses on future possibilities and opportunities instead of past mistakes. The key aim is to unlock your potential and maximize your performance in any chosen area of your life. At Brain Mastery Coaching, I partner with you and guide you to your desired outcome using coaching methods that are tailored to your needs.

3. The relationship between a Coach and Coachee is a partnership. The Coach helps you to achieve the goals you desire. Together we set an overarching goal and a number of sub-goals for each session. To achieve the results you desire, you must follow the commitments you make. You must show up on time for every scheduled session and complete any actions you committed to between the sessions.

4. The Complimentary Session (upon request) takes 30-45 min and is outside of the Coaching Packages. This session serves as an exploration of the coaching process and the relationship with a Coach. Sign up for your free session at

5. Sessions that are part of the Coaching Package are up to 60 min. Make sure you show up on time, as the Coaching time will start based on the time scheduled.

6. When conducting a coaching call/meeting, ensure that you are in an environment where you can fully concentrate and focus for the entire duration of the session. Privacy is important so that you can be true to yourself and free from worry that anyone can overhear your conversation.

7. The session can be cancelled/rescheduled with a minimum of 24 hours in advance. If the meeting is not cancelled in advance, it will be counted as part of your Coaching plan.

8. Cancelation of the Coaching Plan (coaching package or a single session) is not possible once the coaching process has started