Behind the Scenes

How have I used Coaching in a business environment?

During the early years of my now 20+ years professional career, I worked on a regional and global level in Human Resources for international corporations such as Nestlé, Heineken, Coca-Cola, and Solenis. My top priority has always been the relationships between people, and their well-being. I have used my coaching skills to support leaders, teams and individuals with their varying needs.

What brought me to Coaching?

Some of my friends or work colleagues would ask me years ago what, in particular, allows me to achieve my success. I shared my stories of career successes that brought me to where I was. However, it was during my coaching studies when I realized that the ‚success’ seen by others around me isn’t what I consider to be my own personal life success. From that point onward, my life took a different turn. I signed up for studies in coaching and later on in psychology. This allowed me to understand on a deeper level what it takes for people to get to the core of themselves and how to uncover the real values that drive peoples’ motivation.

What has been my Coaching journey?

Throughout my life, I have tried to understand human behavior. At first, I focused on making people around me happy. However, as you may realize, this is not the most effective approach. Similar to in-flight safety instructions, you must put on your own oxygen mask, before assisting others with theirs. If you want to be happy, you need to find happiness inside yourself, before trying to find it in others. I took those principles to heart. 

For a few years, I worked intensively on my self-development, applying knowledge from books I read, coaching workshops I attended (i.e. Tony Robbins events, Points of You, Zen Coaching, and other), as well as from psychology studies and 1:1 Coaching with my own Coach, Nano. While experiencing that intensive development journey, I discovered joy, fulfillment, my inner peace and a feeling of “being at home”. I describe this process in the 7 steps of Brain Mastery Coaching.

Who am I at my core?

I am the proud mum of a beautiful, self-conscious and sensitive teenage daughter. I am a happy and fulfilled woman. A mature, mindful, and empathetic person. I like other people and enjoy helping them through their development. As a leader and a woman of change, I find inspiration in innovation, creativity and diversity. Coaching, for me, is a way to support other people in the pursuit of their dreams. The best satisfaction comes with the happiness, joy, and fulfillment of my Coachee.