The 7 Steps of Brain Mastery Coaching

While coaching broadens our perception of the world around us and allows us to grow and change, the Brain Mastery Coaching (BMC) approach is based on the 7 Steps of Brain Mastery Coaching, which correspond to the psychological development of a human being. Each of these steps allow for growth in perception and perspective. They provide tools and resources on raising awareness of the mind, connecting body and soul and providing stabilization in life. This leads to self-actualization (self-realization, full use of the individual’s potential), individuation (integration of the psyche, unity, balance and stability of one’s personality), and a better quality of life.

“The 7 Steps of Brain Mastery Coaching” is a concept I developed based on my personal experience. I believe it will inspire my clients and readers who are searching for answers inside themselves during their journey.


  • You understand your behaviours and patterns that influence your past actions and decisions. You understand your own tasks and activities that are performed unconsciously, on autopilot.
  • You’re able to explain life circumstances that have happened or are happening at the moment (divorce, loss of a job, lack of a relationship). These events usually happen for a reason. They are what triggers your internal growth.
  • At this stage of development, you understand the external realities that are happening to you and the cause of these events.


  • You understand that you make your decisions based on an encoded personal map. You start to understand your emotions and actions and the causes behind them.
  • You notice your internal dialogue. You become conscious about the difference between what your mind is telling you to do logically, and what your heart is telling you to do emotionally.
  • At this stage of development, you start to see the world through your own eyes and not the eyes of others. You begin to understand your inner world.


  • You gain a more comprehensive understanding of your external world (Step 1) and start noticing your inner world (Step 2).  You reflect on what is and isn’t working in your life. You try to understand the cause(s) of these difficulties.
  • You start to feel like it’s the first time you have really woken up. You notice pain and pleasure more than you thought was ever possible. You feel gratitude for what you have and the accomplishments you made in your life.
  • At this stage, you reflect on the world around you and connect with your heart and soul. You re-evaluate events, thoughts, and feelings from a fresh perspective. 


  • You become present and aware. Your decisions become easier to make. You pursue your goal (What do I wish for?), because internally you understand your motivation behind the dream (Why do I want this?).
  • When you understand your ‘Why’, you realize why the change in yourself is necessary, if you want your life to be easier and improved. You no longer act from ego driven desires but instead operate through both your ego and your moral self.
  • At this stage of development, you focus awareness on the present moment, acknowledge and accept your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. You notice the world around you, the beauty in nature, different cultures and life as a whole. You notice and empathize with the emotions and needs of others.


  • You become aware of your internal and external world. You become capable of reflecting and being present in the moment. You notice your emotions, your desires as well as the needs of others. Nothing seems impossible, you can do anything you want.
  • In pursuit of your desired goal, you become creative, and ‘paint’ your life’s vision in your mind. Your energy is skyrocketing. You consciously plan your actions, noticing things that you have never seen before. You become a magnet, attracting everything that you are looking for.
  • At this stage, your decisions become easier than ever before. When you act from both your mind and heart, you become authentic. Sincerely, you know what the right decision is and what are the next steps you need to take. This is the stage that leads to creating your life the way you want it.


  • In pursuit of your goals, you discover yourself, build mental muscles, build your internal strength, and shape a psychologically matured personality. Your identity becomes strong and grounded. You are relaxed and connected, no longer affected by external circumstances. You feel connected to your inner spirit, to your heart, and on a deeper level to your soul. 
  • At this stage, you feel as if you’ve arrived at a place that you lost a long time ago. It might have been the place that you were searching, for your entire life. What was it? Was it your goal? Was it the confidence you achieved? Was it the connection to the heart?  You have a feeling of being complete, and finding yourself. It gives a sense of ‘arriving home’, your internal home.


  • When you act from a completed identity, you become authentic, energetic, and most importantly, powerful. Finally, you’ve achieved peace where there was conflict, connection where there was isolation, fulfillment where there was frustration.
  • From this point on, you make your decisions and actions through your psychologically mastered identity. Even if you don’t know the exact direction towards you goal, you will figure it out. When you fail, you get back up and move forward. Similar to a boxing ring, you get cornered and kicked onto the floor, but you get back up and fight for what you believe in, harder than ever before. You’re able to go beyond any constraints you blocked yourself with before, because you know that you are powerful, knowledgeable, and capable of surviving beyond the external circumstances.
  • At this stage of development, you feel content, happy, and fulfilled, despite not finding all the answers and all the ‘gold’ you might desire at any given moment. When you’ve reached mastery of your brain, you know and understand your identity; you accept and appreciate who you are. You recognize what you want based on your priorities at any given time. Your heart guides you towards your dream through the decisions you make, the direction you choose, and the people you meet. Permanent and long-lasting changes appear in areas of your life that you had been yearning for, for a long time.

If you are a person, who is looking for the ways to grow and empower your mind, someone who would love to have a happy and fulfilled life, then take advantage of this special offer at Brain Mastery Coaching.